Compelling testimonials from some of Shila Moa's past clients and colleagues.

"Shila Moa is an exceptional healer. While the means she uses are often a mystery to me, the results are concrete and real. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough. Using energy medicine, intuition and guidance, her healing work is deep."
--Dr. Andrea Asebedo, Senior Minister for the Center for Spiritual Living
"Shila is a gifted healer. She is also my dear friend. I do not say either thing lightly. She has saved my life more than once. I do not have many dear friends. Shila lives comfortably in realms not boxed in by time and space. Her awareness is expanded to include chakras and auras and energy fields, Healing guides and past life experiences. Laying on of hands. Shila moves through these realms with ease and warmth, Making her clients feel comfortable and safe, Even if they do not know exactly what she is doing for them. Shila is my mentor. She is teaching me the art and science of healing. How lucky am I?!"
--Saralee Sky
"Shila is a gifted intuitive healer. She is also a very wise woman who is on this planet doing good. And I love her and love working with her, whether it's while 'she is healing my body' (which she knows that she is not the one doing the healing) or while we are working together on a project for The Center for Spiritual Living."
"She is amazing. I truly credit her with turning my life/health around when I was brewing pancreatic cancer a few years back before we moved down here. She is the medical intuitive that used the Barbara Brennan method on me and did 5-8 spiritual surgeries on me…is the one that could take me from “brewing, on the cusp of fully physically manifesting” status (as per an acupuncturist/naturopath working on me in the morning) to “in balance, not brewing” in just a few hours during a session. She blew my whole team of healers away while I was in Bellingham. They would do their “tests” on me, tell me I was “very sick” and then after a session, I went back and had them retest me later the same day and I was registering “ok”. She’s the one that worked on Chris remotely and kept his lymphatic system clear of cancer cells…his surgeon that did his tongue surgery had never had a single patient NOT have cancer cells in their lymphatic system during his 30+ years of practice…there is definitely something to what she is doing! (Chris and I both had MANY healers working with both of us, but Shila was the most powerful healer in the group.) We are spiritual beings in a physical plane. We really are all energy, and our existence is a lot more fascinating and complex than our mainstream scientists offer…when you can access and work with our energy fields in such a profound way, healing on the quantum and immediate level really can occur. When you hear about healers around the globe using quantum physics to heal people instantly…she’s in that caliber…but when you meet her, you will find that she is a shy woman that you would likely mistake for the local librarian. But I look at her as a modern day wizard. "
--Sandy Chasteen, M.Ed., Holistic Health Coach
"Our 18-month-old daughter would not sleep or eat adequately to such a degree that out of desperation we reached out to Shila through a business associate. Our daughter would wake upup between 4 and 7 times a night, every night. She would not eat more than a bite or two of solid food. Shila's compassion immediately brought tears to our eyes while we sat on the floor with our child, listening to Shila go through our various issues, all on speaker phone. She immediately began working on our daughter's chakras, took us through various mantras, meditations, and mindfulness exercises, got readings on her various mineral levels, and a whole host of other tests which we clearly did not understand, try as we might. After a few months of healing sessions, ALL FREE OF CHARGE and all making incremental, positive differences in our child's health and well-being, Shila asked a question which led to a breakthrough that had eluded three pediatricians, a pediatric chiropractor, two sleep consultants, and numerous teachers. She asked one question about high uric acid levels, which led us to figure out that by ingesting fortified soy milk in large quantities (the only food she would consistently take), our child has gotten too full to eat solid food, and the resulting increase in uric acid was disrupting her ability to stay asleep. After ceasing the soy milk, our child began getting to sleep faster and staying asleep longer. She also eats well and her language and physical skills have skyrocketed. We attribute all of this to her healing sessions.
She's an angel among us."
-- A.D., Los Angeles, CA
"A healer is one who listens, who hears that which is dissonant and atunes themselves to resonate with the frequency of need, thus aligning and harmonizing the system at hand. The presence of one who heals is a healing in itself. Shila embodies this quality. It is this which allows her to move beyond symptomatics to the causal plane."
-- M.C.R.
"My partner and I have seen many health care practitioners of various modalities. Unlike most, Shila is working from a comprehensive level, one in which the entirety of the body, physical and metaphysical, is addressed. Her use of applied kinesiology to assess the client's needs is highly beneficial. We have practiced "muscle testing" for many years and were grateful to find a healer who is skilled in this means of communication. I believe that the power in Shila's work is in addressing those aspects of the body which are unseen by the medical profession and which, if left unattended can aid in the decline of the body in the face of traditional treatment. Shila's work is both complementary to traditional care, as it remediates damage created as an externality of such care, and is complete unto itself."
-- M.C.R.
"As a retired librarian left my office she turned back around, and said, "I feel like I have just stepped back in time to see the Magician."
"Well. I’ve written this note four times now! I have been attempting to express my gratitude for your help and understanding. I am so glad that we met! I will never be able to express in words how much I love and appreciate you. You are a warm and gentle person in a not so warm and gentle world, and I hope as time goes on? I can be more like you!"
"You are an earth angel – I am so thankful I have you in my life. Shila, I really appreciate all the positive change you helped me affect in my life."
-- R.D.