Past Lifehood Clearing

by Shila Moa

Shila's past lifehood healing with Barbara Brennan (Spring 1996)

Until a few days before I underwent a past life healing, the possibility of such an experience was outside of my personal cosmology. To be sure, I had been involved in various aspects of health and healing for many years, but none of these processes focused in any way on past lives and their impact on the present. Then, a number of years ago, I attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York. Like all of Barbara's students, I was introduced to many ideas over the course of instruction, and practiced many healing techniques, some of them new to me.

At one point in our work at the Brennan school, my classmates and I were asked to perform with one another an exercise focusing on the fourth level of the energy field accessed through the fourth chakra. This is the astral level of relationships. The intent was to clear a death experience of another lifehood that was of course, effecting this life time. Lifehood here refers to the quantum reality where there is no separation from one earth life time to another. In this exercise, seemingly unbidden, but very significantly for me as it turned out, I experienced a compelling and vivid vision. In it, I was looking up at the naked legs of a large group of people. I seemed to be a small child; I was lost, and was calling for my mother. Was it the gas chambers of the holocaust in World War II? It seems so!

Another part of the class's learning experience with past life healing was to be an individual healing, in the presence of the entire class, facilitated by Barbara and four of her associates. Barbara asked for volunteers for this healing, and, responding to an inner prompting, I volunteered, along with several other students. In an intuitive selection process, Barbara chose me as the subject for this class demonstration.

The demonstration took place on a raised stage. I lay on a massage table in front of the class, which was seated in a semi-circle around me, Barbara, and her four associates. Barbara began the healing by doing energetic work with me designed to allow my soul, the essence of my individuality, the freedom to move in my body to the place where healing could occur. Almost without hesitation, I began to do so. In fact, during this remarkable experience, I did so five times, each time to a deeper state of consciousness, each time to deeper healing. Of my feelings and sensations during this experience, I can only say that they were not normal, but were natural. That is, they were not forced in any way, neither by me, Barbara, or her associates, nor did I seem to be in any danger. In fact, only afterwards, in reviewing my sensations, did it become apparent that I had not been in a "normal" state of consciousness.

During this other reality time, my physical body was manifesting some remarkable movements and sounds, as noted by Barbara, and the other healers in an audio recording of the healing. There were cellular excretions and realignments, movements mimicking extreme fear as my hands gripped the sides of the table, my back arched up, I made choking sounds as if gasping for air, and at the end of each energy wave the energetic equivalent of letting go, death. Directly following these manifestations, I experienced my body in a state of joyous peace and tranquility. I believe that at this point I was experiencing myself as Jesus did, that is, experiencing the Christ nature in myself, the same nature that each of us carries within ourselves. As the healing ended, Barbara asked for five minutes of silence, and to hold this divine energy of prayer and meditation.

Over the ten months following this healing, I continued to experience the peaceful feelings of joy and tranquility. I still experience a profound sense of courage and a willingness to see possibilities in challenging situations. People that are around me are attracted to this courage and certainty. Consequently I find myself in new leadership roles, formal and informal. Also, I have a deeper understanding for my attraction to the Jewish culture and people. Changes have happened in my body - the numbness in my feet from above the ankles down, has disappeared, and my body weight has reduced. As a spiritual experience, I am at peace with who I am in life, and death.

I know that this healing lives with me today, and has profoundly and positively affected the course of my life since it happened. I believe that it is something that I was meant to do in this lifetime. I am deeply grateful to have experienced it.