Healing Case Study

by Shila Moa


Abnormal Pap Diagnosis
High grade Dysphasia, Level II Iraeph AVA
Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia CIN II (abnormal growth of tissue within the surface of the cervix moderate level)
LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) recommended

Testimonial – Written 3-14-02

At the end of January, after two abnormal pap smears, I went in for a biopsy. The doctor determined that there was abnormal cell growth on my cervix. I then went to a gynecologist.

On the day of the appointment the gynecologist explained the results of the biopsy, saying I had a high grade, moderate level of abnormal growth (CIN II) and highly recommended a LEEP. I felt scared, but agreed to do it.

By this time it had been six weeks since my biopsy; and during that time (and for several months before that) I had been seeing Shila, receiving healing touch and taking the herbs and vitamins she recommended. I also went for a week of vacation praying that the rest and relaxation, combined with the ongoing healings and herbs would get rid of the abnormal growth. Shila told me several women have had abnormal paps that reverted to normal after working with her, and I thought that would be great, AND I still wanted to go for the allopathic procedure.

So, on the day of my LEEP exam, there I was – my feet in the leopard upholstered stirrups with the nurse setting the table at the right level for relaxation, and the doctor looking up the speculum to my cervix. "Did you find it?" I asked. "Frankly, no," he said, a little perplexed. "As far as I can tell, there’s nothing to cut out." He put away the instruments and told me that although he wasn’t going to say the doctor who did the biopsy cured me by removing the cells, it appeared as if no more abnormal cells had grown. There was no reason to perform the LEEP at this time. I was told to return for a pap smear in four months and go from there. Always look before you LEEP we agreed and I hurried home to tell Shila we had, at least for moment, reversed the CIN level II. Another success story for Shila Moa!

Yours truly,