Barbara Brennan Healings
aka "Hands of Light" Healings

by Shila Moa

What is a "Hands of Light" Healing?

"It is an energy healing from an enlightening system of personal transformation that combines spiritual and psychological processes with powerful loving hands-on-healing techniques". A more in depth description can be found in Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan’s books  “Hands of Light” or “Light Emerging” . When you have this type of healing with me, I will act as a conduit or pathway for healing energy. Energy will flow through my hands into your energy field. My hands are truly "Hands of Light". The energy that is being presented to your body through me is at a higher frequency than the energy in the areas of discomfort and dis-ease. When the AURIC energy is of this higher frequency it moves more freely and healing happens.I also have the ability to do remote and internal viewing, receive auditory messages, connect to and interpret emotional issues, and at times smell and taste the elements of the AURIC field. The advantage of having these skills is that I can more clearly and precisely identify an energetic disruption to transform it. When would it be a good time to have this type of healing?

When you have a desire for greater nurturance, deep rest, peace of mind, or physical health. Also, a healing of this nature is useful for releasing emotional energy patterns, relationship issues, connecting to your life’s purpose, raising your consciousness, clarifying your intentions,  or to gain a generally greater sense of well being.

Why have an energy healing with me?

If you have low energy from emotional stress, pain, or dis-ease in your physical body, you will be delighted with the peace and tranquility you experience from my work. I have also been able to take the techniques learned from many holistic approaches to healing and design new ways to work with the emotional components of any imbalance.From my Brennan Healing Science skills, I can also focus a healing experience on a specific level of the energy field that is related to a CHAKRA (energy center) and its problems.

For example:

  • 1st level – physical manifestations that are causing discomfort.
  • 2nd level – personal emotional regrets, and fears.
  • 3rd level – personal power issues, gut level thinking and intuition, as well as family energy patterns.
  • 4th level – astral objects, past lifehoods, super-ego, and relationships.
  • 5th level – spiritual surgery: Any surgery that is done in this lifetime which breaks the lines of light on the 5th level. The lines of light need to be repaired for the physical body to have a complete healing.
  • 6th level – a frequency where there is no pain! The angels may visit, and hold you as loved ones that have passed visit. Often messages or meaningful symbols are shared.
  • 7th level – strengthening boundaries, or to let go of beliefs you created from thoughts and emotions to fulfill a need that no longer serves you.

There are two types of healings that are done when the energy field is stable enough. One is a HARA LINE healing, with a CORE STAR BLESSING. The HARA LINE healing is used for transitions, and for holding intentions related to your purpose in this life. The CORE STAR BLESSING relates to who you are, always have been, and always will be in your essence. The other is a CORE STAR/ESSENCE healing which will raise your consciousness, thus evolving you forward as a human being in every way.

How is it done?

We make an agreement for the time of the healing. You lay on the table in my office or somewhere at your home. If you are at home, you hang up the phone while we work. You put yourself into a receiving mode. Shila stands along the side of the healing table and works with your energy and the universal energy. After the healing, you call again and we share our experiences.