Chakras Defined

by Shila Moa

There are different dimensions of energy. They are contained within each other. As a healer, one focuses with intention on a dimension as it is called for during the healing.

Core Star

This is the energy that one comes in to life with, and leaves with.  It is the Essence of who you are. It is the deepest dimension of energy at this time. It can be clouded over with energy of distress, so one does not feel whole.


The Hara is the energy that runs through the center of the body from top to bottom.  It has four parts:

  1. The grounding cord runs down to the crystal iron core of the earth.
  2. The tan tien is located in the center of the body about one and half inches below the belly button. Its shape and size is about the size of a walnut.
  3. The soul seat is located over the thymus gland at the top of the sternum or breast plate.
    Energetically it is like a multiple-rayed star that is aqua in color.
  4. The godhead or perhaps the halo, which connects us to all other energies. We also call the Hara energy ‘the line of intention’. So when it is time for a transition one may yearn for a healing at this dimension.
Auric Field

This is the Aura or Auric Field. It is the energy that surrounds us. It extends approximately out to the ends of our fingertips, cocooning us in vibrational frequencies. It has seven levels that are different textures. Each level has a specific mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect. One accesses the seven levels through the seven chakras.


Chakra means a wheel of light; a vortex of energy, shaped like a funnel with the tip connected to a line of energy. The seven major chakras are located along the center of the body from the tailbone to the crown of the head.

I like to talk about them in this way:  Most people know about acupuncture and how the points that are used run along invisible energetic lines. Those points are vortexes of energy. They are small chakras. And in the center of the body the lines intersect forming larger centers of energy. These centers are the main chakras. 

  • The first chakra is at the bottom of the spinal cord.
  • The second chakra is at the hips.
  • The third chakra is at the solar plexus or diaphragm.
  • The fourth chakra is at the heart.
  • The fifth chakra is at the neck.
  • The sixth chakra is at the third eye or middle of the forehead.
  • The seventh chakra is at the crown of the head.

Each chakra has a different vibration. They vibrate in the same orderly pattern as a rainbow. Starting with red at the bottom, or first chakra, the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo (dark blue/purple), and white as long as you are looking at the energy field on the second level. The chakra colors on the other levels of the energy field are effected by the varying energy vibrations of that level, so their colors do not appear as vivid as those on the second level.